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Message from Mayor


Md. Motashim Billah Motu
Mayor, Meherpur Pourashava

The eternal dream of human being is to reach the up most dentation. The Bang of today consist of the then maurya, Gupta, Gauda, Pal and Sen dynasty, and Rada, Samrat, Horikel and Pundra. The bingeing and flouring of the nation of the Bangalee is a history of a long thousand years. Despite a long period of a time, the Bangalee is never deviated from the dream. In the past, the cruelty and barbarity of the British and the occupied forces of Pakistan is failed to samsh the dream of the Bangalee. Bangabandhu, the real hero emerged from inside the nation and on 7th March, 1971 declared through his thunder voice- ‘The struggle of this time is a struggle for independence’. It resulted in the historical background of Mujibnagar. The great 21st February and the Mujibnagar of today are tied together- it is my pride.

Yes, I say about that Mujibnagar. The chest of which was mashed by Manshingh, the commander of chief of the Mogol Emperors with the notorious techinc abolishing Bangalee that was hidden in to the dust from the cavalry forces of the Nowab Ali Bordi Khan. The Mujibnagar has brought back the golden sun of independence, which was lost in palasi in 1757. The bangalee nation really feels its existence at Mujibnagaar where it is written with the blood of three million people-‘Amar Sonar Bangla Mai Tomai Bhalo Bahsi’. Mujibnagar is the memorandum of pride, history and tradition of the Bangalee. Thousands of visitor from home abroad come to Mujibnagar which is named after the name of the father of the nation.

Meherpur Pourashava is the gateway of Mujibnagar. The gateway is the image of Mujibnagar. But it is matter of sorrow that there are no spacious roads, drainage system and infrastructure which can meet necessity of today. Even there is no victor pillar or monument in this town.

But yet, Meherpur Pourshava is an example that the representative of the people can make the ‘Sonar Bangla; of Bangabandhu. This pourashava is always at the service of 70 thousand people in an area of 17.60 square kilometers. I think the standard of life of the people of Meherpur Pourashava has increased a lot with the assistance of ADB, World Bank, GOB-UNICEF, BMDF, UGIIP, Local government engineering department and with directly active role of the people of Meherpur Pourashava . As a result, Meherpur Pourashava has stood first three time repeatedly by evaluation cell and the ADB has given gold medal and crest of honor to it.

Drinking water, sanitation, trade and commerce, electrification, agricultural revolution, new educational institutions, drainage system, slum development cleaning, health development and linking with Broadway of the modern information technology and in a word, digital Bangladesh is the firm determination of the Pourashava. And all these have been possible with non-political assistance of the Poura Parishad and the people of this Pourashava. At this very auspicious moment, I cordially thank my colleagues of Meherpur Poura Parishad and all the staff of Meherpur Pourashava.

At last, it is my appeal to honourable Prime Minister to launch some special programmes in Meherpur Pourashava to uphold the tradition of Mujibnagar all over the world.