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About Meherpur Pouroshova

906767_327996420637468_273691728_oIn the uncaptioned Begal, the Meherpur is very old human inhabitation and is situated on the east bank of the turbulently flown the river Bhairab, the Brance of the river Gonga as well as Padma, and it naming has been In circulated in many historical popular talks of this locality.

The enriched memorable days, the place of the world famous personalities, the worshiper, the devotees, the great man is the Meherpur have got the status of municipality in the year 1869. And after the partition of the sub-continent the district Meherpur was from a subdivision of a district. Bearing in chest, the Mujib nogar, the remaing of the former Boyddanat tala, the history of the freedom fight as well as the history of the rising Bangladesh, this municipality has been co-relatedly engaged with the history of Independent Bangladesh. Later on the pourshava was known as the gate way of the historical Mujib nagor. In 1999 the government of Bangladesh declared the Meherpur Pourashava class-B and in 2001 it was upgrated a class-A pourashava. The pourashava was awarded as one of the best pourashava for the three consecutive years by the evaluation cell of the MoLGRD of GoB. It was also awarded as the second best perfoming pourashava under the project UGIIP of LGED and ADB and was also honoured with the gold medel. There are 9nos elected and 3nos reserved women councilors and a Mayor in the municipal council of Meherpur pourashava.

At a Glance

Name of Pouroshova

Meherpur Municipality


Meherpur Municipality established at 1869

Class of Municipality

Meherpur Municipality is “A” graded Municipality in Bangladesh

Municipality Area

Area: 17.60 Sq. Kilometer

Number of Ward

Number of Ward: 9


Number of Population: 70,000

Contact Address

Meherpur Municipality (Meherpur Pouroshova)

Main Road, Meherpur

Telephone Number: +88079162329

Fax Number: +88079162199

Mobile Number: +881741165165



Census Information

Census Year Male Female Population Density (Sq. KM) Education (%)
2001 17834 16790 2663 61.48
2011 34530 35100 4095 65.62